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LexyLeah is proud to offer YOGASMOGA a Yoga inspired athletic apparel brand. Available in store only at our LexyLeah location, YOGASMOGA aspires to create world-class products. A Yoga and wellness company that makes things for life. Focus is not on building a brand; but to have a love affair with our consumers.

YOGASMOGA strives to become your partner in the pursuit of wellness-wherever you are today and wherever you are going tomorrow. From Yoga class, to the gym, to life. Whether you're on the go, or simply being, we're happy to be with you. We hope to bring a little more Yoga into your journey, Everyday.

YOGASMOGA engineers, designs, and manufactures some of the softest fabrics that do more than cover someone up. They open them up to greater good. While working with the most technically advanced fabric and manufacturing technologies, YOGASMOGA also pursues a relentless focus on the deep traditions of Yoga and instinctively embed this into everything YOGASMOGA creates.

Available in Store at our Destin Showroom

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