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Zensah Racey Sports Bra 9504

Racey Sports Bra

Zensah - Bras - Style: 9504

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The Racey Sports Bra features a v-neck for flattering supportive shaping and a keyhole rackerback for free movement.

V-Neck for Flattering, Supportive Shaping : The sports bra not only performs great, but also helps to you look great. A flattering v-neck design with compression gives women supportive shaping. Superior Ventilation : An open mesh design of the sports bra provides superior ventilation to key sweat zones. This allows the upper body to stay cool and prevents the build of sweat. Prevent Chafing : The Racey Sports Bra is the most comfortable sports bra thanks to its seamless design. It has no seams or tags to cause irritation, preventing chafing, ensuring you stay feeling great throughout your entire run or workout. The straps of the sports bra won't dig in and fits comfortably on the back. Moisture Wicking and Anti-Odor : Made of an innovative blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex, the Racey Sports Bra is moisture wicking and anti-odor. It will stay dry of perspiration and prevent the buildup of bacteria and odor. Keeps Shape and Stays in Place : The Zensah Sports Bra is made in the USA and is designed to last for many workouts to come. The compression in the bra helps it keep it shape while also staying in place while worn. You don't have to worry about your sports bra sliding or moving while wearing the Zensah Racey Sports Bra.

The Zensah Racey Sports Bra features a seamless construction to prevent chafing and ensure superior comfort. The open mesh design on the bra provides ventilation for key sweat zones, while the moisture wicking and anti-odor fabric keeps athletes dry and prevents odor buildup. Whether using it as a running sports bra, for working out, or just for running errands, the Racey Sports Bra provides unmatched comfort and functionality.

Running a seamless design prevents chafing, while the Zensah fabric prevents the build of perspiration. Yoga : the sports bra moves with you through all your movements thanks to the compression, which ensure the bra fits snug and provides support. Gym Workouts : push yourself to new bests in the gym without having to worry the bra becoming heavy with perspiration or overheating. Everyday Wear : our super soft fabric and flattering fit makes it a great sports bra the throw on when running errands. Sports Whether using the sports bra for tennis, field hockey, or any other sports, all athletes are able to benefit from the superior performance of the Zensah Racey Sports Bra.

Why Zensah? Zensah has tested our apparel on athletes ranging from novice runners to Olympic medalists. Our fabric is the most comfortable fabric you will ever wear. We know you will love our products. We guarantee it.

Fabric: Zensah Fabric


LexyLeah is proud to offer Zensah compression garments. Zensah is the number one selling compression leg sleeve. There are so many things that compression can help you with. It stabilizes muscles and helps prevent injuries. It?s also used in recovery and improves circulation. Sleeves are moisture wicking so you can sweat as much as you need to during a run or work out. Compression increases muscle support and enhances your warm up. The most awesome thing is that Zensah products are made in Italy and the good old USA.

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