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Yoga and Athletic Apparel Brands

  • Shop Agree2Disagree

    Agree2Disagree is the hottest new tween line born in NY and made in America. With a perfect balance of comfort and super cool designs, Agree2Disagree offers styles and pieces that fill the gaps in the modern girl's existing wardrobe while offering new fresh and trendy styles. LexyLeah continues to find great American made brands and Agree2Disagree fits perfectly in our catalog of product offerings and designs.

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  • Shop Bella Canvas

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  • Shop Beyond Yoga

    Available at and in store, BEYOND YOGA is an activewear and lifestyle brand that combines functionality, comfort and style. BEYOND YOGA wear is designed with every body type in mind XXS-XXL, from size 0 to 16, and from petite to curvy. BEYOND YOGA active wear features flattering, fit-focused collections that move effortlessly from day to night, from the gym to meetings and beyond. Each piece is designed and made in the USA from luxuriously soft yet durable, wash-and-wear fabrics and has been tested to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.

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  • Shop Capezio

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  • Shop Erge

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  • Shop FlipBelt

    FlipBelt is a lightweight belt that is used to carry your keys, cell phone, etc. when you go for a run, bike, or even paddle board. It is machine washable. It comes in many colors too. It?s not waterproof but it wicks up the sweat and dries fast.

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  • Shop Hard Tail Forever

    Proudly made in the USA, Hard Tail features a line of brilliantly hued workout and casual-wear that is a perennial favorite from Los Angeles to Long Island and its available here at as well as in store at our Destin location.

    Hard Tail apparel is constructed from American mills and manufacturing locally in Southern California.

    With more than 100 colorations and 70 fabrics, including silk and cashmere, a new two-tone featherweight fleece that features cotton on one face and Tencel on the other, featherweight 21-wale corduroy, and voile. Hard Tail produces lines for men and women "young to old," and girls sizes 4-6x and 7-14.

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  • Shop Limeapple

    Available at as well as in store, Limeapple makes fun active-wear for girls for EVERY activity. Limeapple has ever changing fashion and performance needs of young active girls. Their styles are for girls who are focused on active and healthier lifestyles and also have a sense of fashion! Each individual garment is carefully handmade and hand inspected for perfect quality before shipping.

    Limeapple provides modern stylish yet comfortable clothing that can be worn all day. The clothing can be worn during sports, fitness activities, yoga and dance as well as during leisure times. Styles are crafted with comfort in mind using performance fabrics that are engineered for maximum comfort and are breathable, fast drying fabrics with moisture wicking capabilities. Fabrics are also odor and pilling resistant and carry antibacterial properties.

    Limeapple clothing stands out in a crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements. Extra steps are taken in the design details such as longer length in tops, little pockets for ipods and thumb holes with longer cuffs. For maximum comfort all garments are pre-shrunk, have flat seaming, gussets, taping around neck and on back of zippers, locking zippers and reverse stitch lining.

    The Lycra content with its four-way stretch ensures a super fit, shape retention, great freedom of movement and holds its vibrant color thru repeated washings. This makes it great for any activity.

    Cotton Fleece Hoodies are a great choice for those who prefer something natural next to their skin while working out. They are also great for warm-up and to-and-from the gym or studio. Pre-shrunk for a perfect fit before sewing the zipper on so there will be no buckling.

    Cotton knits primarily used in t-shirts and dresses, Limeapple cotton knits have Spandex for great shape retention and are pre-shrunk and highly breathable.

    For Limeapple bubble hoodies and bubble accessories, use of the most unbelievably cozy and luxurious stretch velour fabric makes this minky fabric a designer's favorite. It is so soft & cozy - you may not ever want to take them off.

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  • lokai

    Lokai - Join the movement! Stay in balance. Be humble. Be happy. Lokai bracelets can be found at LexyLeah in store only.

    Available in Store at our Destin Showroom

  • Shop LVR

    LVR is a brand that is known for organic yoga wear. This line is designed and made in Los Angeles. LVR is also known for making their clothes functional and comfortable. One of my favorite things about LVR is that they partner with ARCAS, a wildlife rescue center in Guatamala. Que bella, verda? They also give back in the community. We love LVR!!

    LVR supports organic agricultural methods that treat the fibers of their garments with care, rather than pesticides, and have a minimal effect on our environment. LVR also only uses low impact dyes to in their manufacturing process.

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  • Manduka

    Manduka is more than eco-conscious yoga gear. Manduka is a study in living! Manduka uses recycled materials and a zero waste and zero emissions manufacturing process, exactly what LexyLeah is looking for in a brand. All post-industrial scrap is thoughtfully collected and utilized in the production of other materials creating a zero waste manufacturing process. Manduka uses sustainably grown materials for their products.

    Manduka Pro Series Mats Comes with a lifetime guarantee (or two) and reduces overall mat consumption.

    The eKO series of mats are made from biodegradable, non-Amazon sustainably harvested, natural tree rubber with no toxic chemicals, dyes, glues or foaming agents are used in its creation.

    LiveON Mats feature the first 100% recyclable and reclaimable yoga mat engineered from PLUSfoam?, a revolutionary, eco-conscious 100% recyclable proprietary

    Yogitoes mat towels are made from over 8 discarded plastic bottles. More than 3.9 million recycled plastic bottles have been repurposed to make the celebrated yogitoes towels

    LiveON OnWard Sandals are made from recycled yoga mats ands are crafted from PLUSfoam?, a revolutionary, eco-conscious 100% recyclable proprietary material.

    Available in Store at our Destin Showroom

  • Shop Muscle Club Apparel

    Muscle Club Apparel is a Louisiana based company that all started with a simple idea; to print cool workout gear that people would want to wear. As a company, Muscle Club Apparel is committed to providing its customers with high-quality screen printed clothing, accessories and designs, all for a price that you can afford. Whether you are just starting out or even if you've been actively involved for years? I think we have something to offer everyone.

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  • Shop Nux

    Launched in 2008 and made in the USA, NUX features active wear focused on inspiring you. Whether you are enjoying the supple touch of micro fiber nylon, or the comfort of their proprietary natural fibers NUX has you covered. NUX garments are body engineered and available in no compression, light compression, moderate compression, or high compression.

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  • Shop Om Shanti

    Om Shanti Clothing Company was founded on the idea of bringing some really "Cool" looking Active / Yoga Wear to the Marketplace. Om Shanti Clothing has created a really special series of collections that infuse uplifting messages "in" designs to grow your soul. Om Shanti's mission is to "express the Truth with the clothes you wear."

    This is Om Shanti Clothing Company's inspiration is to make clothing, that makes you feel good about who you REALLY are - A spiritual being, living a human existence.

    As a Miami based company, The collections reflect a unique process of "overdying" the apparel that creates a superior level in fashion design. "Yoga Wear for Any Wear."

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  • Shop Onzie

    LexyLeah carries Onzie Athletic Apparel because we feel that Onzie blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern materials which results in active apparel that is functional, flexible, supporting and flattering! Onzie is affordably-priced and suitable for all activities and practices but are best worn while sweating, swimming, biking, or simply lounging around. Onzie is 100% made in the USA.

    Onzie Utilizes Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable. Onzie's fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable.

    Onzie yoga athletic gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for Pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, biking, running or hooping. Onzie clothes can be worn as everyday wear or into chlorine and salt water environments, which we have a lot of here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

    Onzie is 100% made in the USA. All parts of our process including knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution and design all happen in Los Angeles, CA.

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  • Shop Rebel Yell

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  • Shop Shefit

    As seen on Season 7 of SharkTank - A high impact sports bra that gives you YOUR BRA, YOUR WAY. Shefit empowers the strong beauty in every woman by developing athletic apparel with the highest level of support, comfort and style specifically designed to enhance your workout. Every female who wants great support & fabulous style?regardless of breast size?needs and loves Shefit! The Shefit Sports Bra is the fully adjustable, breakthrough fitness bra for empowered women!

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  • Shop Skirt Sports

    Skirt Sports was founded on the idea to create a line of cute, flattering, high-performance women's running apparel which incorporates performance, great fit, and style.

    Skirt Sports remains the only women's running apparel brand offering a full-line of products and range of events to support and motivate women in meeting their running goals.

    Skirt Sports continues to focus on the trifecta - performance, excellent fit and style. Skirt Sports pride themselves on making products that fit real women's bodies that includes women of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Shop Sookie Leotards

    American Manufacturer Sookie Leotards Manufactures Leotards, Tops, Pants, and Skirts for Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Exercise. Sookie Leotards product line continues the LexyLeah theme of supplying American Made Athletic Apparel. Made in America matters and we investigate our brands and try to only sell environmentally conscious manufacturers or American Manufacturers wherever possible. Sookie Leotards and Skirts at LexyLeah are of the highest quality American made products and are priced very aggressively to compete with Import brands. We are very excited to bring this line to you and think you will be very surprised with the fit and quality of our Sookie Leotards, Tops, and Skirts.

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  • Splits59

    Available in Store at our Destin Showroom

  • Shop Tasc

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  • Shop Threads 4 Thought

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  • Shop ToeSox

    ToeSox can be used for not just for yoga, but for all barefoot fitness. ToeSox are designed with Grip to be the highest of quality to prevent slipping during yoga, Pilates, barre, and dance classes. But why five toes you may ask? There's nothing more beautiful than natural movements that make us stronger. Legs that leap, arms that swing, heads that roll, backs that bend. So why not toes that wiggle and spread? It's the way nature designed them to move. Spreading your toes is the best thing you can do for your feet. Spreading your toes helps strengthen the feet, increase balance, increase blood circulation and align mistreated toes. ToeSox continues to create new and innovate products that enhance and support natural movement.

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  • YogaSmoga

    LexyLeah is proud to offer YOGASMOGA a Yoga inspired athletic apparel brand. Available in store only at our LexyLeah location, YOGASMOGA aspires to create world-class products. A Yoga and wellness company that makes things for life. Focus is not on building a brand; but to have a love affair with our consumers.

    YOGASMOGA strives to become your partner in the pursuit of wellness-wherever you are today and wherever you are going tomorrow. From Yoga class, to the gym, to life. Whether you're on the go, or simply being, we're happy to be with you. We hope to bring a little more Yoga into your journey, Everyday.

    YOGASMOGA engineers, designs, and manufactures some of the softest fabrics that do more than cover someone up. They open them up to greater good. While working with the most technically advanced fabric and manufacturing technologies, YOGASMOGA also pursues a relentless focus on the deep traditions of Yoga and instinctively embed this into everything YOGASMOGA creates.

    Available in Store at our Destin Showroom

  • Shop Zensah

    LexyLeah is proud to offer Zensah compression garments. Zensah is the number one selling compression leg sleeve. There are so many things that compression can help you with. It stabilizes muscles and helps prevent injuries. It?s also used in recovery and improves circulation. Sleeves are moisture wicking so you can sweat as much as you need to during a run or work out. Compression increases muscle support and enhances your warm up. The most awesome thing is that Zensah products are made in Italy and the good old USA.

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